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I think I *need* a sunhat this big. What do you think? #vintagefashion #vintage

That is so much fun.

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1970’s interiors, Verner Panton

These are the most incredible spaces.

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Oh wow.

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MUSIKMÖBEL | Bauhaus Style

(Top)1934-35 Bang & Olufsen

(Bottom) 1939 Bang & Olufsen

This model was designed\inspired by Peter Bang’s desk chair “B64,” designed by Marcel Breuer in 1928. - Via: 1 | 2

Wow wow wow. !!!

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This is my desk. Full of so many great things I have collected over the years.


did you know theres a whole database just for carnival photos??


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Recently acquired this wonderful bracelet. It was made by Joseph Cook & Son. Livery street, Birmingham. 1914. Each individual part is Hallmarked with a silver certification mark (a lion.) including the chain links. I love it.